Thursday, October 6, 2011

Was it worth it?

Well, You are probably thinking we are crazy for selling the antique dining room set to buy an old overhead camper.  Well, due to the fact that funds are tight, (my hubby went back to shool full time), we wanted a couple of fun weekends for the kids.  The first time we used the camper we went to my parents - in the country - to do some work on the camper.  My Father has an awesome garage with ALL the tools any man would dream of, (that is the garage in the background directly behind the camper - 2 stories!) and a huge air compressor.  I love how the brown on the old camper brings out the rust on the old truck.  lol

The next day we went to my brother's camp (thats Northern Ontario slang for cottage) and parked in his yard for the weekend.  It was Canada Day weekend.  It was really nice to have our own space and not impose on them too much.

It was a really nice relaxing weekend.  We had our own fireworks, which were awesome, and a bonfire with hotdogs and marshmallows!

Complete with mosquito netting for some! - Not me...I am tougher than them bugs!  lol  This is whom we refer to now as "Netchick", or several in a group are called "Netchix".

My Brother's "camp"

This camp is not on waterfront, but in fact it is an acre of my Grandparents homestead, where the schoolhouse used to be.  But he does have this:

There isn't any running water at his place, so he pays the volunteer fire team to bring the pumper truck over and they suck water out of the creek to fill his pool.  As you can see by the photo, the water is brown and murky for a week or 2 before the filter has cleaned it enough to be clear.  Here it will be a few more days till it is clear, but honestly, we used to swim in the creek!  It is a great way to enjoy the camp, without driving 15 minutes to the beach.  The kids love it!

All in all, so far the camper was worth trading the diningroom set for!
More summer adventures to come!