Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Our first Dutch Oven Cookout

Roast Chicken & Potatoes

For Mothers Day I requested a cast iron Dutch Oven.  I am a simple girl, & I love to cook.  Mr. Restoration Rambler and the kids ordered one online for me from L.L.Bean.  Amazingly enough, it was free shipping - even here, to Canada!   About 10 days later it had arrived, and we could hardly contain ourselves.  We decided on a whole chicken to start because the kids are kinda picky, but chicken is Rambling family friendly.

The Rub:
1/4 cup parsley
2 tsp. dry salsa spices (I used Epicure Selections)
1 tsp. hot pepper chunks in oil
2 Tbsp lemon juice
fresh ground pepper

Light 28 coals for a deep 12", 8 quart Dutch oven.
Meanwhile:  Mix together & rub over the chicken with your bare hands, making sure to get it into the crevaces of the chicken.

  • Cut up 1 medium onion in chunks.
  • Slice 6-8 potatoes, in thick slices.
  • Slice 8 carrots in thick slices.
  • Make 4 cups of creamy chicken soup broth:  ~Bring 2 cups of water to a boil, add 2-3 Tbsp. of powdered soup base, dissolve & add 2 cups of milk.  Simmer over medium/high heat.

Warm up the Dutch Oven with about 2 Tbsp. of good oil in the bottom.  Use about 16 coals, in the bottom only for now, and when the oil is hot add the onions.  Keep stirring.  When the onions are opaque, add the chicken and brown on all sides to seal in the juices.

Then add the vegetables and pour the thick broth over the vegetables.

Put about 9 coals on the bottom, and 19 on the lid.  Normally for a regular (not deep dish) 12" dutch oven you would use 24 coals  to reach 350 degrees, but we want to be above 350 degrees, and we want some browning on top, so we will put a few extra coals on top.  Hoping to reach about 425 degrees.

We cooked this for about 1 hour & 45 minutes.  At about at the 30 minute mark, we made about 20 more coals, because they generally only last about 45 minutes total.

The result of our first ever Dutch Oven recipe was...FaNtAsTiC!!  It was, hands down, the most moist chicken I have ever had!  We had company for dinner,
& there was not a morsal left! - Success!

Mothers Day Present! - 12" 8 Quart, Deep "Lodge" Dutch Oven


My Mothers Day present was an 8 quart, 12" deep Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven.  

We have never cooked outside with a Dutch Oven, so this should be pretty cool!
It comes pre-seasoned & ready to use.

We are excited to give this method of cooking a shot!  
The question is, what should we make first??

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Canada Forge Cast Iron Pot Restoration

This is one of my first cast iron restorations.
I think it turned out pretty good!
The name on this pot is "Canada Forge" 
& it has the number "260" on the lid.
Does anybody know anything about this pot?