Monday, April 18, 2011


Well, we went to the mall the other day...and look what we saw:

There were hundreds of them!  It was an invasion!  So, we did what any loyal vintage lover would do...we passed them by and continued on our way  we took a look!  It is amazing what they do to these things!  But, really, who needs all of those luxuries?  Who needs a gas fireplace when you are camping?
Who needs pop-outs?

Who needs a separate bedroom?

Who needs electronics....while camping?

I mean afterall, isn't this why we go camping?  To get away from it all!  To enjoy the outdoors!  If i had these luxuries, I would never get my kids outside! I am a simple girl...with simple is my dream
Does anyone know what this trailer is?  It is in very rough shape, no windows, sunk into the ground, black electrical tape holding it together.  What would you pay?  Is it worth the effort?

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hunting Continues..................

This one is a '70's Glendale 20ft.  The outside is pretty good for its age,
but the inside needs work.  (Which really, is what we are looking for)

Nice Chandilier!!!   lol

  • leak in the roof (they all do at this age)
  • ceiling caving in (and someone started to fix it, but thankfully stopped - not pretty!
  • dirty
  • floor in front of the door is rotten
  • step needs welding
  • top bunk is on an angle - needs re braced
  • 1 known leaky window
  • good name
  • double axle and seems to sit nice & high
  • larger than we had hoped
  • outside in decent shape
  • leaks can be fixed
  • we can clean and even paint or reface
  • sleeps 6
  • lots of storage
  • takes full size car tires
  • fibreglass corner moldings on the exterior
  • has awning - did not see the canvas opened, but the mechanism seemed good

FULL BATHROOM!!!!!!!!Shower / tub to the right - Comes complete with a fly strip at no extra cost!!
Hmmm, it wasn't jumping out at me, but now that I have the pros & cons may not be a bad deal for $800...hmmmmm

I think in my brain, I was really hoping for a "cutsie" canned ham, or even a toaster!  We will see.

Check it out!

This is more what I expect for my price...under $1000...bah-hah-hahhhhhh!

Photos borrowed from:

I love this!  Hard to believe it is an Airstream travel trailer.  This would be so nice for a guest room, or a man cave!  No kitchen though.  Still pretty cool!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Adventures of the Wild Trailer Hunter!

Well, we are on the hunt for a vintage trailer again.  (or at least retro)  We have a very small budget, which has been making it very challenging.  Here is one we looked at, which read "Ready to roll", and "ready to camp or live in"  which made me believe it was decent.  Well, it wasn't.  No tires, so it couldn't exactly roll, and it had sunk into the ground.  The skin was held together with black electrical tape.  All of the windows were broken.  Good news is he lowered his price since we looked at it!  *yikes*  and he also said it was a '70's trailer....wrong...try mid 60's.  My husband was working, so I had my dear SIL's BF go with me, and he has not released the photos for publishing yet.  (he took them on his phone)

Stay tuned....The adventure will continue!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Things will be changing.

I have a new blog!

The new blog is
This blog (Restoration Ramblings) will be converted into my vintage trailer blog.  Follow my journey, from the very beginning, to find the perfect vintage trailer for us.  My other blog will have all of my Furniture Restorations, Junkin' & Yard Salin' experiences, as well as Crafts and Cooking.  Anything that will fit in my trunk really!  (even my derriere!)