Monday, April 18, 2011


Well, we went to the mall the other day...and look what we saw:

There were hundreds of them!  It was an invasion!  So, we did what any loyal vintage lover would do...we passed them by and continued on our way  we took a look!  It is amazing what they do to these things!  But, really, who needs all of those luxuries?  Who needs a gas fireplace when you are camping?
Who needs pop-outs?

Who needs a separate bedroom?

Who needs electronics....while camping?

I mean afterall, isn't this why we go camping?  To get away from it all!  To enjoy the outdoors!  If i had these luxuries, I would never get my kids outside! I am a simple girl...with simple is my dream
Does anyone know what this trailer is?  It is in very rough shape, no windows, sunk into the ground, black electrical tape holding it together.  What would you pay?  Is it worth the effort?

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