Monday, June 20, 2011

Tired of looking...ugh

You was supposed to be fun! I didnt think we were asking for too much. I really thought it would be a lot easier. We have been looking for over a year now, with no luck. Missed out on a couple of good deals, by hesitating. Thought we learned from those experiences....but I guess not. We are about to embark upon an adventure in camping....without sleeping quarters! YIKES! August is only 1 month away! We need to get something before the first weekend in August! We don't even own a tent anymore. I supopose we could borrow one.

Well we have decided that we might pick up an overhead camper....nothing special....because we have discovered that the older ones go pretty cheap!

This is the one we like at the moment. asking $1000 - pretty nice if you ask me! I was very pleasantly suprised!

We have a 3/4 ton, so it can handle a good size one. The good thing about having one, is in a couple of years when we do find our nice little vintage trailer, we can keep the camper for the boys when they go on fishing trips.

We are going to look at one tomorrow for only $500 - so we will see!

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