Thursday, April 7, 2011

Adventures of the Wild Trailer Hunter!

Well, we are on the hunt for a vintage trailer again.  (or at least retro)  We have a very small budget, which has been making it very challenging.  Here is one we looked at, which read "Ready to roll", and "ready to camp or live in"  which made me believe it was decent.  Well, it wasn't.  No tires, so it couldn't exactly roll, and it had sunk into the ground.  The skin was held together with black electrical tape.  All of the windows were broken.  Good news is he lowered his price since we looked at it!  *yikes*  and he also said it was a '70's trailer....wrong...try mid 60's.  My husband was working, so I had my dear SIL's BF go with me, and he has not released the photos for publishing yet.  (he took them on his phone)

Stay tuned....The adventure will continue!

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