Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hunting Continues..................

This one is a '70's Glendale 20ft.  The outside is pretty good for its age,
but the inside needs work.  (Which really, is what we are looking for)

Nice Chandilier!!!   lol

  • leak in the roof (they all do at this age)
  • ceiling caving in (and someone started to fix it, but thankfully stopped - not pretty!
  • dirty
  • floor in front of the door is rotten
  • step needs welding
  • top bunk is on an angle - needs re braced
  • 1 known leaky window
  • good name
  • double axle and seems to sit nice & high
  • larger than we had hoped
  • outside in decent shape
  • leaks can be fixed
  • we can clean and even paint or reface
  • sleeps 6
  • lots of storage
  • takes full size car tires
  • fibreglass corner moldings on the exterior
  • has awning - did not see the canvas opened, but the mechanism seemed good

FULL BATHROOM!!!!!!!!Shower / tub to the right - Comes complete with a fly strip at no extra cost!!
Hmmm, it wasn't jumping out at me, but now that I have the pros & cons may not be a bad deal for $800...hmmmmm

I think in my brain, I was really hoping for a "cutsie" canned ham, or even a toaster!  We will see.

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  1. Hi! I came over from the Newbie party at Debbies ... and then I saw this other blog and the vintage trailers...
    it caught my eye!
    We just bought a little trailer ourselves on April 2...
    they aren't cheap now a days... huh?
    anyway... I started a new blog myself telling about our restoration story. You can go to my blog listed here in the comments and follow my pages at the top of the page...'camper tales'
    come and see me!
    I'm adding your little blog to that side bar!
    Nice to meet you!