Saturday, October 23, 2010

Our Door is Always Open

The wood was real wood, the ceilings are tall, they have character.  These are some of the things that always attracted us to old houses.  After living in a 40 year old bungalow for 12 years, we finally bought that big old house with "character" that we always wanted. 

Ugh.  What were we thinking?  Did we discuss this over a box of cheap wine?  A bout of temporary insanity?  The thing about an old house in the city, is the fact that the old houses are in old neighbourhoods.  Old neighbourhoods, have old neighbours, and cheap houses.  Cheap houses have slum-lords, and old neighbours don't like change, & new neighbours.  All of this on top of the mere fact that old houses with "character", require updating & restoration.  Hours & hours of free labour, (DIY) because the funds needed for such a project, would truly break any average person.  
This is our side door, already half done.  100 years of layers cheap peeling paint and neglect.  Neil wanted to change this door out, and I would not let him.  It took me 1 week to convince him to keep it, and another week to strip, (in front of the next door neighbour) and refinish this baby. 

The doorbell on the outside, & the inside.  Was it worth restoring & would I do it again?  You bet your bedonkidonk!

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