Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Vintage Letdown

Well, sad news.  :(
The deal with the 1953 Airstream we were supposed to buy, fell through.  I can not even begin to express the disappointment I feel.......ugh.  Now I must start the pain staking task of searching for another soul to save.  Another unloved diamond in the rough.  I am now seriously thinking that I will settle for any cool vintage trailer...a Shasta, a Scotty, or maybe another Airstream.  Anything really.  My husband is indifferent to the name.  He would just be happy to have a project for the summer.  (While enjoying a few weekends chillaxing near the beach)  The determining factor is price.  My husband is in College for another 1.5 years, so money is a little tight for the next little while.  We just want something with wheels and sleeping quarters to love....something to care for....something to put our heart into.  Are you out there?  Anywhere? Hellooooo???  Come to Mama if you can hear me!


  1. Oh...I'm sad to hear that your deal fell through. We stalked our AS for quite some time, all the while door-knocking (yup - I walked right up to the door of complete strangers) with no success. We found our first trailer, an absolutely darling '62 Shasta, on Craigslist and absolutely loved it...until a stormy, rainy windy weekend where we stayed inside the little 16' darling the entire time. Definitely small space for myself, hubby and the hound dog...plus NO bathroom.

    Your hip little vintage trailer will find you...I just know it!!

    Have a nice Thanksgiving

  2. Thanks Mona, but our Thanksgiving was the first weekend in October...and it WAS very nice. (dang Canucks!) lol YOU have a fantastic Thanksgiving. I was thinking about cooking a turkey in appreciation of all of my US friends. (any excuse for turkey & stuffing)
    I was going to go Christmas tree hunting this weekend, so now i will also hunt for an abandoned trailer. At least I have the whole winter to dream about the restoration of the imaginary trailer, that I don't even own yet!

  3. You will find your little trailer when you least expect it! The best deals are to be found in someone's back yard....I make my hubby go knock on the door...lol...