Saturday, November 27, 2010

I am a horrible Mom!

Guess what I did tonight....I left my tiny 2 year old weiner (dog) outside in below freezing temps, for over 1 hour!!  We got a dump of snow last night too.  At least 1.5 feet.  I feel so bad.  She is not a winter outdoor dog.  I came upstairs to use the computer, and I heard a familliar bark outside.  I thought nothing about it, because, why would i?  Our dog is never outside in the winter for more than 5 minutes to do her business.  15 minutes after that I realized she was not following me around like she usually does.  Duuuhhhh.... Poor Sophie  :(

Sophie is the brown dapple one.
This reminds me of when we were kids.  We were at my Grandparents farm in Dunn's Valley, about 1 hour from the city where we lived.  It was Sunday night, a school night, and we had just had supper at my Grandparents.  It was time to go home, and we drove at least 15 minutes down the road, when my Mother discovered we had left my brother behind.  She was devistated, thinking that my younger brother must be in tears by now.  When we got back to get him, he didn't even know we had gone, and my Grandparents didn't know he was still upstairs playing. 
~Vintage memory ~

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  1. I'm sure Sophie will be just fine with some snuggling and treats!! We left our Mellie with at an amazing kennel while we went to Puerto Vallarta...Mellie hasn't been to a kennel since Doug adopted her years ago so I paid for a private $50/night suite. That didn't work out well as she felt trapped but the staff figured it out. Within two hours of us picking her up she immediately started throwing up (both ends...yucky)...for three days straight. $600.00 vet bill later turns out she was just stressed - amazing how these amazing dogs are so in-tune with their owners.

    Sophie's a pretty lucky weiner dog..