Friday, December 3, 2010

Old wooden kitchen chair makeover




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    1. That's an Ethan Allen rock maple chair. The style is Windsor. My parents had a table, 8 chairs. To be frank, I weep at the thought of that beautiful wood grain slathered over with paint.

  2. I have some chairs like this, someone gave them to me along with a very large round table to match. its very 80's (date under table is 1984) but I am trying to modernize it. Thanks for the idea! any others you let me know!

  3. I agree with mprice. The one thing you don't want to do is paint over the wood-grain.

  4. Well, as the owner of these chairs, I can tell you that someone did a horrible glue job to reassemble them in a previous life. Also they were scratched to crap. Painting them improved them greatly & the wood is still under the paint if anyone wants to refinish them! So, thanks for the negative comments, but I enjoy them painted even 7 years later!