Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Steamer Trunk

Believe it or not, we found this trunk in our attic after we moved in.  It was in pretty good condition, but was BUTT ugly!
There he is, so cute  :)......but the steamer trunk in front of him....not so much.




  1. You did a fabulous job fixing up this old trunk! I love the distressed white with the black. It looks beautiful in your room!

  2. Wow....what a find! You did such a fabulous job. The picture with your son behind it is hysterical....

    have a great day...


  3. Howdy Darlene. I found your post today because I found a trunk almost EXACTLY like yours sitting out for the trash this morning. I was wondering if yours was canvas? The one I found is canvas and had been painted hunter green : ( but I thought I would repaint it similar to the look that you did yours. Also, did you build the tray? I'm going to make one for mine and was wondering what you might have used. 1 last thing, how did you refinish the inside? I was considering papering mine. Sorry for so many questions but I have no idea what I'm getting myself into.
    ~ Deanna